Photo & Video Equipment

Breathe Sail Dive, LLC, as part of our educational photography classes and services, is happy to consult on purchasing underwater camera and video systems.  From the smallest compact systems, to full professional setups, we can recommend equipment, accessories and authorized dealers. 

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Our Equipment

Cameras:  Nikon D500 & D7100; Olympus TG-6 

Housing:  Nauticam for Nikons; SeaFrog for TG-6

Viewfinder:  Nauticam 180 degree 

Primary Strobes: Inon  Z330s and Sea& Sea YS-D2's

Video Lights: Big Blue Video Lights (multiple sizes/strengths)

Arms: Ultralight Control Systems and Big Blue

Ports: Nauticam, and Nexus and Zen ports with Nauticam adapters

Tripod: Xit404





Recommended  Vendors


Affordable Underwater Housing
Xit 404Underwater tripods