Breathe Sail Dive, LLC: Blog en-us (C) Breathe Sail Dive, LLC (Breathe Sail Dive, LLC) Tue, 31 Aug 2021 04:34:00 GMT Tue, 31 Aug 2021 04:34:00 GMT Breathe Sail Dive, LLC: Blog 90 120 Meet Breathe I am not normally one to follow the rules, however, there are times when it is prudent to do so.  There are rules for changing a boat's name.  These rules date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.  According to mythology, various gods of the air and sea kept log books with names of each vessel and their deeds on the high seas.  Whenever a new ship was built and commissioned, she would be presented to the gods for entry into their logs.   It would not be good for sailors on board if Poseidon looked up one day and found a ship sailing in his domain that was not logged into his books.  

Poseidon (Greek) or Neptune (Roman) would have the ship's name in his log.  Sailors wishing to change a vessel's name should petition the god(s) to strike the old name from the roster and add the new name.  First, remove anything and everything labeled with the vessel's old name.  We removed all the old name stickers.  None of the life preservers or anything else on the boat had the old name.  Once everything with the old name is removed, the new name can be added and items can be brought on board with the new name.

Once the changeover is complete, the deities must be petitioned to accept the boat's new name.  It is recommended that one takes a bottle of champagne to the bow of the boat, open the champagne and pour a little in the water.  Say something like "Poseidon, great ruler of the High Seas, we ask you to strike the old name from your rosters, in our case, Malolo.  Pour a little more champagne in the water and say "Great Poseidon, Lord of the Oceans, Ruler of the High Seas, I ask you to add new name, Breathe, to your rosters and keep her in your favor.  

Breathe has underwent a wonderful makeover with Mayflower Yacht Detailing cleaning, polishing and waxing her.  Jason and Monica spent hours with Flitz and Woody Wax polishing and protecting the aluminum and stainless steel.  Jason's cousin Deb DeCapua then applied all the new names plus two side stripes on each side.  As an added touch of pizazz there are snazzy decals on the transom and the steps.  We present Breathe in all her glory, new name and new look.  We hope the great Poseidon has added her to his log book as we start to fill our log books with hours, days and weeks of sailing.  You may not catch us conforming to some societal norms and rules but this is one we followed.  We wish everyone fair winds and following seas.

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